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“I totally forgot at about 10 that I was meant to be helping and got into the dancing area… what can I say the band were just brilliant!!!! I cannot big them up enough!! I can’t wait to hear them at another event. Thank you Midnight Funk Orchestra!" (Sadie, London)

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Frequently asked questions


Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions you might have about the Midnight Funk Orchestra, grouped under the headings of 'Booking the Midnight Funk Orchestra', 'Setting up, and other requirements', and 'Our performance for you'. If you’d like to know anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



Booking the Midnight Funk Orchestra


How can I book the band?

To book the Midnight Funk Orchestra, fill out our contact form or send an email to us at with the main details of your event and what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote, and then after we’ve agreed the arrangements with you and received a 25% deposit, your booking will be confirmed! We’ll get in touch again nearer the event to finalise any last details, and the remainder of the fee should be paid one week in advance. We look forward to hearing from you!


How much will it cost to hire the band?

Prices depend on the event. We can give you an accurate, no obligation quote with as much of the following information as possible:

  • when and where your event will take place,
  • which line-up or combination of line-ups you're interested in booking,
  • the times that the band will be needed (from when we'll need to be set up until when we'll be able to pack away),
  • how long you'd like the band to play for, and
  • any other requirements.


Our rates are very competitive, and we can usually tailor our services to your needs. We are always pleased to be considered for an event, and should be able to provide you with a high quality performance for a price you can afford.


What are the differences between the line-ups?

Our most popular line-up is our 8 to 9-piece band featuring 2 to 3 (male and female) singers, a trumpet player, 2 saxophonists, a keyboard player, a guitarist, a bass player and a drummer. This combination offers a superb balance, providing full, varied and rich sounds and fantastic dancefloor-filling performances for a very reasonable price! If you want to push the boat out for something absolutely sensational, we can add a string section with 2 violins, viola and cello for further layers of luxury.

We can also supply a 6-piece band (1 singer, 1 saxophone, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums), if your budget won’t quite stretch to the fuller line-ups. The 6-piece band will still play lots of great music for you to dance to, but with a little less variety and without such a full sound. As the extra singers and horn players take up very little room, both the 6-piece and the 8 to 9-piece bands can fit in more or less the same amount of space, and the bigger band isn’t necessarily any louder – most of the volume comes from the rhythm section or through the speakers.

Our classical and jazz ensembles come in almost any line-up that you can think of – let us know what you’d like and we’ll endeavour to provide you with it! If you’re less sure of what you want, we can suggest what might work best for your event.




Setting up, and other requirements


When will you set up your equipment?

Ideally we would have 90 minutes to set up and sound check, but if there is less time available we can do this in one hour. Having more time helps to ensure that we are 100% fresh, relaxed and ready to entertain you, but we understand that timings can be tight on the day. We can usually be flexible about when exactly we set up, and so this will largely depend on your preferences for the event. It generally takes about 45 minutes to pack away our equipment after a performance.


How much space does the band need?

We’re most comfortable with 6m x 4m (plus another 3m x 1m for the string section, if relevant), but we can fit snugly into a 3 or 4m x 2m area and are used to squeezing into smaller spaces so we’ll do our best with whatever room is available! The 8 to 9-piece band and the 6-piece band fit in very similar spaces, but the additional string section needs a little extra room.


Can you play outside?

Yes, but only if there is enough cover to protect us and (more importantly) our equipment from rain. We also need an adequate power supply near the performance area.


How many power sockets do you require?

We need 4 electrical sockets, with at least two separate 13 amp sockets.


What other facilities do you need?

As well as the performance space, cover from rain (if necessary) and power sockets, we usually require:

  • Suitable parking arrangements, often for two to three cars and a van, depending on the location.
  • Some sort of storage and changing space. This doesn’t have to be fancy, so long as it is secure and gives the band reasonable privacy.
  • Access to drinking water. Food would be an added bonus, and is always very much appreciated! Please let us know the food and drink situation well in advance of your event.

If there is going to be a problem with any of these requirements, please let us know when making your booking so that we can try to work around it whenever possible.


Can we use your microphone to make speeches or announcements?

Of course you can! To prevent feedback problems, avoid standing further forward than our speakers while using the microphone.



Our performance for you


Which types of music can you play for us?

The Midnight Funk Orchestra main band can perform an infectious mixture of generation-spanning funk, soul, pop, jazz and R&B songs that are ideal for getting everyone dancing and really enjoying themselves. With sufficient preparation time the band can sometimes put together themed sets as well as our usual more varied ones, according to what you’d like for your event.

We also offer a wide range of jazz and classical ensembles for elegant background music, and additionally can often provide a DJ service between and after our sets (playing either your own playlist or selections of our own).


Can you learn our first dance at our wedding?

Yes, so long as you let us know in plenty of time. When booking the band, please mention if you’d like us to learn a particular song, or choose one from our list of popular first dances.


How long can you play for us?

The band usually plays two sets of around an hour each, depending on what fits best with your event, and we can sometimes do longer performances (and/or three sets of music). We provisionally confirm timings as part of the booking process, and can discuss these again nearer the time if your schedule changes.




Contact us to discuss your requirements, ask any remaining questions and book the Midnight Funk Orchestra to make your event extra special!

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